I use an olympus om1 and a bronica etrs.
my images are often homedeveloped & aren't post processed apart from the odd cropping etc (for this i use the programme that came with the macbook, or the gimp).
my favourite films are ilford f4, fuji superia & rollei retro 100
for my photograms i use very old paper (up to hundred years plus) and glassplates (see the paper/plate archaeology sections for more information)
i do everything handheld. the steady hand thing is important to me. also, bc i am too lazy to lug around a tripod all the time. things have to be light and steady.

RIGHTS: the rights of my photos are mine.



contact me for details. 

i sometimes put some stuff on etsy, although not recently. if so i will make that known.
i tend to ship with uk royal mail, insured on demand or once a certain monetary value is reached. customs are the responsibility of the buyer.
payment in pound sterling & paypal is preferred. email me if you want to pay in another way.

(things my photos were used for)

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          2015-07-31 om 11.09.36

Marcel Schwob: The Book of Monelle, translated by Kit Schluter, Wakefield Press 2012, ISBN: 978-0-9841155-8-7

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